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About channel MBC 1

Logo MBC 1 Category: General
Country: Saudi Arabia
Language: Arabic
Quality: SD

MBC 1 البث المباشر لقناة ام بي سي ون بث مباشر قنوات فضائية مجانية على الانترنت مشاهدة قناة وتلفزيون mbc 1 live مباشرة نقل حي ومباشر. قناة ام بي سي, ام بي سي 1, ام بي سي 2, ام بي سي 3, ام بي سي 4, ام بي سي ماكس, ام بي سي اكشن, بانوراما اف ام, ام بي سي اف ام.

MBC 1 is a free-to-air, pan-Arab general television channel. Satellite transmission started from London in September 1991, making MBC the first independent Arabic satellite TV station, with an estimated audience of more than 130 million Arabic-speaking people around the world. MBC has recently moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, bringing the production process closer to its Arab viewers. MBC 1 previously used to air cartoons, western movies and programs before launching MBC 2, MBC 3, and MBC 4. One of its most popular, widely known and controversial shows, and the one generating the highest advertising rates, is Kalam Nawaem, a show that is led by four women and that addresses many types of issues and taboos, including terrorism, domestic violence, polygamy, divorce and women's suffrage.


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